Trackback Spam & A Spammer’s Death

kinnon —  July 26, 2005 — Leave a comment

For the last few weeks, since the newest release of Typepad, I’ve been getting inundated with Trackback Spam. I’ve had to moderate comments and trackbacks as a result. I’ve found myself wishing a pox on their houses. Hardly a Christian response.

Today, Moscow News reports that Russia’s most notorious spammer was murdered. Fallen human that I am, my initial thoughts were not particularly charitable. However, capital punishment is hardly an appropriate punishment for spammers no matter how angry they make me. I just wish I could understand their motivation.

UPDATE: Of course I’ve received more trackback spam in the moments since I wrote this post. And yes, I contacted Typepad about the issue when it first began. They asked me to forward the spam to them so they could ban the IPs. That would be great if the spammers weren’t using bogus IPs. Surely SixApart can write code that will exclude the garbage trackbacks that people like me are having to deal with – the words in the bogus trackbacks should make it easy to ban – and now I’m ranting!

UPDATE 2: ‘Twould seem Brother Scoble is getting hit as well. Maybe Robert can get the dear folk at SixApart to react. Unlike this Z-level blogger.



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