Vespa Gets a Blog

kinnon —  July 1, 2005 — 1 Comment

Vespa_2After talking about it a month ago or so, Steve Rubel has announced the launch of Vespaway, the Vespa blog. You can read my Vespa comments here and here. We’ll be visiting the Toronto Vespa dealer in a few weeks, ourselves.



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One response to Vespa Gets a Blog

  1. Dear Bill,

    For some reason, I am getting the “hint” that you are looking at a Vespa to purchase in Toronto. First of all. I am jealous. That is a sin, so I confess that I am also coveting this marvelous little scooter. Dee said that she would leave me if I got one. Then a few months later she would allow me to get one. I am in a real quandary. The roads aren’t real friendly to scooters in the Burgh. I am trying to picture you on a Vespa. I’m stilling looking. I am looking deeper into this vision. Aah! I think I got it. Bill, on a Vespa, with a large Helmet, I have finally got the vision. Have you been to the Harley website? I think that is more your size William. Love ya man!


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