Reading and Relaxing @ the Lake

kinnon —  August 18, 2005 — Leave a comment

Our dear friends from Guildford in Surrey (who’ve prompted a number of posts) have joined us at the Lake. We are having a wonderful time enjoying each others company – and the books we’re surrounded by. I’m in the middle of Jeff Hawkins’ On Intelligence and am very impressed. Hawkins is the founder of both Palm and Handspring (and the designer of Imbi’s Treo). Imbi is reading Barry Schwartz’s The Paradox of Choice; Why More is Less (referred to in an earlier post prompted by Susan and next up on my reading list), Christopher is reading Getting Things Done (which he highly recommends) and Susan is enthralled by the English Translation of Shadow of the Wind.

And most of the kids have their faces in books as well (when they aren’t playing games, writing songs in Reason & GarageBand, swimming and tubing) – with Liam having just finished Freakonomics – another Kinnon recommended read.

On Intelligence is about the study of how the brain works –  a particular fascination of Hawkins. I will post a longer review of the book in the next week. But if you find the brain interesting (and who wouldn’t, eh!) I can suggest you order it from Amazon.



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