Treo Update(s)

kinnon —  August 11, 2005 — Leave a comment

I promised to give y’all an update on Imbi’s Treo 650 experience. She loves it. She actually hasn’t touched her laptop in a couple of weeks. There are certain things she misses from the Blackberry – particularly the thumbwheel and certain fast shortcuts when writing. The Bluetooth Sync to the laptop works very well (if somewhat slowly).

She’s getting used to the stylus (she was never a Palm user like Liam, Rylan, Kaili and myself). Her bottom line so far is "Bill, quit playing with my Treo!" That says it all. (I’m still loving my new Sony Ericsson S710A, although I do occassionally covet her Treo.)

Speaking of Treos, the Deathstar’s Microsoft’s Brother Scoble points at Engadget’s post of a new Treo running Windows Mobile. Yikes!



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