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Om Malik has suggested a new meme – our ten small favourite Mac apps. Here are mine:

  • Sticky Brain – where I store everything that doesn’t stick in my brain
  • Omni Outliner – a great outlining and note taking program
  • Omni Graffle – killer charting and diagraming
  • What Size? – how to find those space hogging files and get rid of them
  • Audacity – great open-source audio recording and editing program. Even the Byrds’ Roger McGuinn uses it.
  • Audio Hijack Pro – I’m using it to record my Podcasts (if I ever take the time to finish one)
  • Konfabulator – where Jobs et al got the idea for Dashboard. I’m still a loyal Konfabulator user
  • iSeek – from Ambrosia Software – a great little multi-site search tool that lives in the Mac Menu Bar. I use it to search Wikipedia hourly
  • Snapz Pro X – screen still and motion capture – also from Ambrosia
  • iBiz (formerly known as iWork) – for managing my consulting hours/billing

I’m already checking out the Malik suggested ecto, Cocktail & BluePhone Elite. This post was created in ecto – which is also available for PCeeze.

UPDATE October 17th to 13 Mac Apps:
ecto is now my primary means of posting to this blog. It’s a great little program. I’m also loving two great shareware apps from Peter Maurer:

  • Textpander – type an abbreviation and Textpander fills it in. Do you make a consistent typing error – use Textpander to always fix it.
  • Witch – The Command-Tab combo lets me change open applications. Using Witch, option-tab lets me cycle through the open windows. Very nice.
  • Quicksilver – a very cool launcher and search tool.

[posted with ecto]

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  1. The link for “Witch” goes to Trackpander. How can I get Witch?


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