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kinnon —  September 16, 2005 — Leave a comment

EctoworldOK. The title needs work. But the software is wonderful. Om Malik called ecto one of his ten favourite little Mac Apps. (Windoze Bloggers don’t stop reading – there’s a version for you, too.) Quite simply, it’s an almost perfect program for creating blog posts outside of your blogging program.

I use Typepad (ecto works with any software compatible with Movable Type) and ecto has streamlined my ability to post. The Technorati tags alone are worth the ridiculously low price of this software (18USD). But add a killer spell checker (which questions the spelling of “ecto” oddly enough), great image handling, Rich Text or HTML creation, Amazon search and insert, iTunes and iPhoto integration, simple link creation – the list goes on. I was sold on ecto within the first two posts of using it.

If you’re a blogger, ecto will make your blogging life much simpler. I like it enough to include an image link in the sidebar.

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