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This is one of those posts that I needed to read a couple of times – "Google Again: Thinking Outside the skull." It’s worth the read. Les bon mots sont ici:

I can now access a good deal of what we know about the

world. I can access much of what we think about what we know. This sort of “recall” puts to shame even the most capacious memory.

Blogging allows me to put “idle thoughts” before a formidable audience.  They help me think these thoughts. Issues of origin and ownership blur. This is a collective cognitive event.  Now, I’m thinking outside the skull.

Normally, I take this new endowment for granted. But then my internet connection fails. I am suddenly stupider than usual. The electronic enablement of my intellect is suddenly down. I am thinking inside the skull.

And later:

Google isn’t about information everywhere.  It’s much more Gibsonian. It’s about selves

that stretch out of bodies onto the net.  It’s about friendships (or whatever we call them) entirely or largely mediated by the net.  These are more substantial value adds with which to build the brand, especially when it’s time to "get serious" in this department. 

It fits well with Kevin Kelly’s comments here.

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