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kinnon —  September 20, 2005 — 4 Comments

Mac-GroupMac has added .Mac Groups to the DotMac service. I’ve been a Dot Mac user for as long as the service has been available. It’s great…if you’re a Mac user. A wonderful addition to social software…if you’re a Mac user. The limitation is that you have to be a Mac user – a .Mac user in fact.

The book that I’m presently writing working on focuses on the power of social software to impact communities. Services like Meet Up and the much less expensive LiveJournal (part of SixApart) are cross platform and probably a better bet for most people. That is until Steve Jobs has us all assimilated.

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4 responses to .Mac Groups

  1. I have looked at .Mac many times and I still can’t understand the value it would bring to me based on my computing lifestyle. maybe I have taken cared of those needs elsewhere. What do you love about it?

  2. Hector,
    I’m a long time Mac user. My Dot Mac account has been my personal account for as long as Apple has been providing the service. I’ve used it to post photos, movies, etc. But I haven’t done much of that in the last year. It is really just my main email account.

    Quite frankly, Gmail, Google Groups, Blogger, GoogleTalk, Flickr, Backpack and other free or inexpensive solutions for content sharing/email/blogging, etc are much better solutions in my not so humble opinion.

    Feel free to check out my Dot Mac homepage here:
    link to homepage.mac.com

  3. I see. your album looks sharper than what you would get with other free services, but since I already have them I need something more compelling to migrate. Thanks!

  4. I don’t disagree with you at all.


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