Recovery 2.0

kinnon —  September 9, 2005 — Leave a comment

Jeff Jarvis has spearheaded the creation of Recovery 2.0 – "an opensource disaster recovery initiative." The good people at are hosting a wiki as the primary resource for the discussion. The goals of the initiative are:

to be ready for the next disaster so people can better use the internet — via any device — to better:

1. share information,
2. report and act on calls for help,
3. coordinate relief,
4. connect the missing,
5. provide connections for such necessities as housing and jobs,
6. match charitable assets to needs,
7. get people connected to these projects – and the world – sooner.

There is a groundswell of people who can’t comprehend the inadequacy of FEMA’s response. But rather than just take potshots at them, they are looking for creative solutions that will allow us to be ready for the next disaster – whether it comes from Nature or the hands of those who hate. (See my earlier post on Ed Brenegar’s relief efforts here.)

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