Spelling Humor?

kinnon —  September 6, 2005 — Leave a comment

A number of weeks ago I wrote a post that commented on the number of independent churches that are in existence – and how their existence confused me. I called the post The Declaration of Independents. It was, I thought, a rather broad pun – one intended to cause groaning in the readers of this blog. (My children tend to groan a lot from my love of the really bad pun.)

What I didn’t count on was the number of people who think the US Declaration of Independence – is actually the Declaration of Independents. There have been way too many Google searches that have hit this blog – many looking for the authors of the Declaration of Independents. (And I thought it was just me. VBG)

I find it both amusing and somehow fitting that so many think the framers of the Declaration were referring to themselves. Hmmmm.



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