“Teaching is the new killer app”

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CreatingpassionateusrsThere are some blogs I’d be willing to pay to read. (This is not a model I’m recommending, however.) Creating Passionate Users is one of them. You Can Out-Spend or Out-Teach is a university course in a post. The irreplaceable Kathy Sierra is worth her weight in ones and zeros.

Imagine you’re trying to launch a new software product, book, web service, church, small business, social cause, consulting practice, school, podcast channel, rock band, whatever. The most important skill you need today is not fund-raising, financial management, or marketing. It’s not knowledge management, IT, or human resources. It’s not product design, usability, or just-in-time inventory.

The most important skill today is… Teaching.

And later in the post:

(W)hat you believe in, you can teach. And teaching is the "killer app" for a newer, more ethical approach to marketing. While in the past, those who out-spent (on ads, and big promotions) would often win, that’s becoming less and less true today for a lot of things–especially the things designed for a younger, more-likely-to-be-online user community.

Kind of a markets-are-classrooms notion. Those who teach stand the best chance of getting people to become passionate. And those with the most passionate users don’t need an ad campaign when they’ve got user evangelists doing what evangelists do… talking about their passion.

But passion requires real learning. Nobody is passionate about skiing on their first day. Nobody is passionate about programming in Java on their first day. Or week. It’s virtually impossible to become passionate about something until you’re somewhere up the skill/knowledge curve, where there are challenges that you believe are worth it, and that you perceive you can do.

Read the whole thing here. I’m tempted to add my two cents worth – but in this case that would be its real value. Go to CPU. Read the post! And the comments too.

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