The Passion Economy

kinnon —  September 29, 2005 — Leave a comment

Kevin Salwen has a very good post on The Passion Economy at Worthwhile Mag’s blog:

(The Passion Movement) is a movement based on the principle that work increasingly must connect to an individual’s personal values. More and more educated, talented workers — those who form the core of our intellectual capital — are no longer content to exchange their time for money in the absence of meaning.

“The Passion Movement” is another aspect of the Emergent generation. Not to be confused with the Emergent Church which shares many of the same values. And what are the values Emergents are espousing:

A hunger to be part of authentic community.
A commitment to lasting relationships.
A desire for their stories to be heard.
A disdain for hype and empty rhetoric.
– Don’t tell us what you believe, show us – be real.
A mission in life beyond money, sex & power.

As Dahlia Lithwick, the lawyer whose career decisions prompted the story, puts it: “Being able to model happiness for your children outweighs anything you can buy them.”

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