Things That Baffle Brad

kinnon —  September 7, 2005 — 1 Comment

Naked Religion rips the covers off some critical issues today:

Things that baffle me:
1. Electrical wiring and my propensity to continue to try to do it. What am I thinking?
2. Why do people jog either for exercise or to pass the time (if they need something to do with their time, I’ve got some wiring I’d like them to do).
3. Why do some people work before they play and thus never learn how to play (until it’s too late).
4. Why do seminaries still believe that the best preparation for ministry is by sitting in a classroom and writing papers?
5. Why do people pull out in front of me in my car only to turn in the next half mile (it’s true check it out for yourself).
6. Why are over-committed people more reliable than undercommitted people?

Read them all here.

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  1. Hey Bill–

    Let’s start a church in Toronto. I’m game…



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