Who’s There, Seth?

kinnon —  September 7, 2005 — Leave a comment

The irrepressible, oft-quoted, maven of the blogosphere and printed page, Seth Godin has published the follow up to his eBook, Knock Knock. Seth cuts through the clutter of blogs and whittles blogging down to the three basic types in his new eBook, Who’s There:
    Cat Blogs – all things personal, including the giant hairball of your life with your cat.
    Boss Blogs – you really need to know this and I write to you from my position of knowledge
    Viral Blogs –  sneezers infecting the blogosphere with ideas

I’ve realized that achievable ends may have attempted to be a little bit of all three – when my desire has been to primarily be a Viral Blog. Who’s There is a welcome course correction. You can download it below. And whether your in the seed business on the Prairies, a socially concious Inner City property developer, a budding media mogul, a church leader or just a highly opinionated person – you need to read it. And start blogging.

Download whos_there.pdf

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