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kinnon —  September 22, 2005 — Leave a comment

LovedwidgetsI love Widgets. The little Java applets that provide me with constantly updating information like the Weather and “Atomic Clock” shown here. Apple has popularized Widgets with Dashboard. One might be tempted to believe that they came up with the idea. They didn’t.

About a year ago, a little company launched Konfabulator and I jumped on their bandwagon. A short time ago, Konfabulator became part of Yahoo and the software is now free. And available for both Macs and PCs. Check out their Widget Gallery for all the cool little widgets you can run – and you won’t need to open Dashboard to use them.

Steve Jobs thought highly enough of Arlo Rose’s concept that he had his team build their own version. Even if you run Dashboard, you’ll probably find Konfabulator easier to use.

And yes, Toronto really is 73 degrees and overcast at 12:18pm today.

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