A Banning Bishop

kinnon —  October 28, 2005 — 1 Comment

The CBC reports on the response to the new Anglican newspaper, The Anglican Planet. (Good Anglicans that we are, we’ve subscribed to this new short paper.)

They quote Diocese of Brandon Bishop Jim Njegovan as saying as saying that the Planet is “sowing the seeds of distrust and disdain within the Church, and that the publishers have no respect for those in authority over them.” I can’t wait to get our first issue of this powerful new publication. The poor Bish doesn’t quite know how to handle his now former command and control universe. Perhaps someone could send him a copy of Cluetrain – as he might not have Internet access.

Maybe the diocese could be renamed so he would be the Bishop of Bandom.

[Hat tip: Church Marketing Sucks]

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One response to A Banning Bishop

  1. I’ve heard good things about the Anglican Planet from my mom. She lives in the Diocese of Brandon and has known Jim (I will not call him Bishop. As far as I am concerned he just wears a funky hat) for years, and was incredibly disappointed when he was elected. She sent me a copy of the article you quoted. Such a change from Bishop Malcolm who is heavily involved in the Essentials and likes The Anglican Planet.
    Happy reading
    Suzanne Budlong


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