A Grey Lake Day

kinnon —  October 13, 2005 — Leave a comment

ToweatheroctMr. Rogers way have wanted to convince us that “it ‘s a wonderful day in the neighbourhood”, but all I see are grey skies and incessant drizzle. My boys and I are heading up to the cottage shortly to do some work we should have done when it was still warm.

The marine railroad (that carries our boat in and out of the lake) and the dock have to come out. The joys of Canadian cottages. But I’m not complaining. (Well, actually, I am – but just ignore it.)

(The graphic is a screen capture of a Konfabulator weather widget. And even thought I AM Canadian, I prefer my temperatures in degrees F.)

NEEDED: Bedjection device. The younger of the two boys (young men) has a day off from school today – Yom Kippur. He and his brother were busy laying down tracks for one of their new songs last night. He was virtually immovable until moments ago. We finally got him up and are about to leave. Off into the cold and damp. Lovely! But the good news is that the temp is now 55 degrees F!

UPDATE 2: The boys were amazing and we were done in under two hours. A new record. 60F and we had no rain. Hallelujah!

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