Canadian Thanksgiving, La Partie Deux

kinnon —  October 10, 2005 — Leave a comment

We spent yesterday on Snake Island in Lake Simcoe – having a glorious day with good friends. The food, laughter and stories were wonderful. Kids from age 10 to 18 (well, actually the oldest kid was probably close to 60)had an absolute blast. It really is an island paradise. For which we are truly thankful.

Imbi and I are just running out the door to eat with one of her six siblings and his wife. Our combined seven kids are with another seven or eight of their cousins – being thankful for being part of a large family (there are 21 cousins on Imbi’s side of the family).

It will be an early night as Imbi has much homework – the joys of taking five courses towards her Master’s. I’ll be blogging later on this evening.

UPDATE: We stayed later than intended so my longish post won’t be up until tomorrow. In the meantime, check this out: – cool meta search engine

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