Canon Launches the XL H1 HD Camera

kinnon —  October 18, 2005 — 1 Comment


Canon, somewhat late to the HDV party has launched their HD version of the venerable XL1. The camera has some rather cool features – HD & SD SDI out, Genlock, Timecode In and Out and selectable frame rates – 1080i 30fps/25fps, 24P and 60i/50i fps. This camera is going to turn a lot of heads. Mine included. (I hate being overcome by technology lust.)

Late to the party but now the best dressed. There are certain advantages to tardiness. Check out the camera here.

UPDATE: “Twould seem that I’ve not been paying attention – as this camera was announced over a month ago – and is available in December for about $9K.

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  1. Oh dear. You’ve just made me drool all over my keyboard… 🙂


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