Crackberry – Now Available in Palm Flavor

kinnon —  October 18, 2005 — Leave a comment

The Blackberry is often referred to as the “crackberry” by those addicted to its always on – find you anywhere technology. During our brief foray into the world of being employees, Imbi and I had BB’s attached to our hips. At first, we were smitten. What incredible tools. Then when we realized that we were expected to be chained to these devices, they became “digital nags” constantly interrupting both our work and personal lives. My reaction became positively Pavlovian – I got a shot of acid in my stomach, every time the BB buzzed. But I still love the technology.

Treo650And now it’s available (in early 2006, actually) on Palm’s Treo650. Imbi loves her Treo, but has missed the push-based email of the Blackberry – along with the other great BB features. Her choice of the Treo as her main road warrior communications tool appears even more prescient today.

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