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kinnon —  October 20, 2005 — Leave a comment

SafariflockfirefoxIt’s hard to believe that it has only been ten years since I downloaded Netscape Navigator- the first truly user-friendly Web Browser from Clark and Andreessen. Tonight I’m playing with Flock, one of Netscape’s many progeny – a potentially killer new browser. It’s del.icio.us integration is very cool. The blog editor looks very interesting – including Flickr integration.(I’m still creating this post in ecto.) And I think this Mozilla/Firefox based browser may have legs. Check it out as soon as there is a public release – any moment now it’s up. Join the fun!

UPDATE: TechCrunch Compadre, Frederico Oliveira has an interesting take on the Flock launch:

…I’m still not sure I’m changing my browser to have a way to integrate delicious and a blogging tool into my browsing experience. I know some people will, but I’m not sure about numbers. My only question is, how will development efforts for Flock influence development efforts for Firefox?

(The picture is of the Flock logo between Safari and Firefox.)

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