I Can’t Write Anymore

kinnon —  October 16, 2005 — Leave a comment

…but I can definitely still type.

I moved to Europe at the beginning of grade 3 (in the early sixties) to live with my family on a Canadian Air Force base. I had started school on a base in Nova Scotia – and in the Nova Scotian system, I began writing in Grade 1. The base schools in Europe were patterned on the Ontario school system, where writing didn’t begin until late in grade 3. I was forced back to printing by my teacher (how progressive) and my writing has never recovered.

HandwritingMy teachers suffered with my scrawl throughout my school years. However, as a prerequisite for being accepted into Radio and Television Arts @ Ryerson University, I had to be able to type. Between high school and first year I spent every night learning on a typewriter my parents rented for me. I’ve been connected to QWERTY ever since. Of late, I’ve only used handwriting for my signature – which now looks like a caricature of a very long nose. To attempt to write a note on a card is a painstaking procedure. All of this to point you at this site – PaperPenalia (which sounds a little like a life threatening disease but isn’t.) Their Tips for Improving Your Handwriting is something that I’m going to try. Care to join me?

Hat tip: Lifehacker

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