MicroFinance & Good Business Part II

kinnon —  October 27, 2005 — Leave a comment

Yesterday, I wrote a post about Microfinance. After reading the post, Imbi reminded me of our three friends in Kenya – Ruth, Gayle and Spencer. Gayle and Spence are Americans who live in Nairobi. When we met them, they were living in the same row of three townhouses where we were being billeted. Ruth, a Kenyan, worked in the three, taking care of all of us.

Ruth loved the smoothies that Gayle made in her blender. She saw the potential for starting her own smoothie business in the area of Nairobi where she, her husband and daughter lived. Ruth is a very hard worker with a warm personality and a strong backbone. Gayle and Spence decided to back Ruth in her venture – with a very small investment. And Ruth has created a flourishing business that is helping to support her family. A small investment of cash has allowed a young entrepreneur to grow a new business. Which I find very cool!

This is only one of thousands of examples of the power of microfinance – one that is particularly close to us.

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