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kinnon —  October 27, 2005 — Leave a comment

The Amazon packages just keep coming and Imbi is threatening to cancel my charge card. (Yikes!)

Books to be read in the next couple of weeks (click the pics to go to Amazon):

The Big Moo – Seth Godin & 32 others (I’m already part way through and this short book is a must read.) All proceeds from this book go to charity and the writers include Tom Peters, Malcolm Gladwell, Guy Kawasaki, Mark Cuban, Robin Williams, Carol Cone & Dan Pink.

Velvet Elvis – Rob Bell ( Rob’s take on Repainting The Christian Faith. I listen to his sermons regularly. (This book has offended a number of Reformed folk of my acquaintance – which is almost a good enough reason for me to read it.)

Servant Leadership – Robert Greenleaf (This one was Imbi approved) – This is one of the all time great books that should be on every leaders book shelf – with the pages dog-eared from it being consulted regularly.

The Power of Servant Leadership – Greenleaf (this one snuck in under the above approval.)

The Associated Press Guide to News Writing – Rene Cappon (for the Wizard Academy writing course I’m taking). You should reasonably be able to expect my writing to become more precise, concise and readable in the coming weeks.

the War of Art – Steven Pressfield (recommended by Ed Brenegar) – Esquire calls it a kick in the … for creative types.

Creating Customer Evangelists – from Church of the Customer‘s Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba. I love their blog. This books comes highly recommended.

Searching for God Knows What – Donald Miller (Liam is busy reading this). I recommend his Blue Like Jazz and look forward to reading this – Liam’s been heard laughing whilst he reads it.

You may want to visit the Kinnon library rather than becoming an AOA (Amazon Ordering Addict.)

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