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Forbes Launches Blog Attack

ForbesblogattackForbes writer, Daniel Lyon, lashes out at the blogosphere as “the prized platform of an online lynch mob spouting liberty but spewing lies, libel and invective.” You’ll soon find this quote right beside the dictionary definition of hyperbole.

Lyon presents examples of blogosphere abuse – how shocking that people would abuse Free Speech. That hasn’t happened anywhere else, now has it, Daniel.

Dan claims that Jayson Blair may be the patron saint of the blogosphere (my hyperbole) – or perhaps we should consider Stephen Glass. There are at least a few more former MSM stars who could be used as comparisons with some writers in the blog universe.

Lyon is not known for his love of the Open Source software community – and now he’s turned his sites on open source journalism. One can only assume that Dan prefers a much more controlled universe – with those controls in the hands of the chosen few. How unoriginal.

Read the posts at Church of the Customer & Steve Rubel that prompted this post.

If you want to read the full Forbes story, go here and use forbesdontbug as the user name and password.

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