Personal Initiative and the Pledgebank

kinnon —  October 25, 2005 — 1 Comment

Ed Brenegar has become a friend of mine through our initial connection in the blogosphere. He’s a Leadership Consultant, Columnist, Multi-blogger, Thinker and Pastor. I always look forward to seeing his new posts in my RSS reader. Ed has two new posts up that are worth reading (as are all of his posts.) Pledgebank – Cool Idea and Personal Initiative for Impact is Leadership.

And while I’m pointing you at friends of mine, visit John Stanko’s post We Need to Change the Way We Do Church, Brad Bergfalk’s On Being “Wild at Heart”, new blogger, Gerry Michalski’s Who Has Your Back and Michele’s Becoming 3D.

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One response to Personal Initiative and the Pledgebank

  1. Bill, thanks for the attention. As noted in my Pledgebank posting, I was not too impressed with the character of the pledges. So, I’ve posted my pledge over there. Here’s the link to Chris Anderson’s TED blog. link to
    My pledge is: I’ll give one day of free strategic planning consultation services to the first 10 non-profit organizations and 10 churches along the Gulf Coast of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana that pledge to send a recovery team or support in some substantial way the recovery efforts in a community impacted by a natural disaster during 2006.
    I’ve also explained a bit more of what moves me to do this. Here’s the link. link to
    Bill, the reality is that this natural disaster is going to be a nationally transforming event for many Americans. For the first time they will care and see the tangible benefits of their caring on a scale they’ve never experienced. As a result, they will want to do more. I’ll let you know how the pledging goes.


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