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kinnon —  October 18, 2005 — 2 Comments

Rememberthemilk-2Last week I mentioned that I was trying out Remember the Milk and had recommended it to my wife and teenagers. It’s a cool AJAX to-do list manager that has some powerful features. However, I’ve found that what I’m really after is more elegant simplicity – and I’m back using Backpack.

Backpack37Signals have built a number of great web apps, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere and there’s an interesting article about them in yesterday’s Chicago Sun-Times:

Chicago-based software developer 37signals follows a philosophy of simpler-is-better that flies in the face of today’s so-called “bloatware.” Call it Amish software.

Jason Fried, 31, who founded the company in 1999 as the Internet boom was taking off, said his company’s philosophy is “less software.”The Deerfield native said, “Software is too complicated. It tries to solve too many problems. Developers try to outdo each other with more features. Every new version does more and more, when it should do less. We prefer to do fewer things, and not try to solve every problem. The way to win these days is to underdo.”

Rather than have the interface cluttered with every feature known to coders, the elegance of 37signals web aps make them both easy and fun to use. And their model of providing a free version of their web-apps and then charging you for more extensive use is a very good way to get you hooked. The pricing model is very fair. I’m setting Imbi up with a Backpack account and will also recommend it to my teenagers. Check it out here.

(Hat tip: CP:Fresh Signals)

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2 responses to Remember the Backpack

  1. I loved the simplicity of Backpack and the concept of pages when I first toyed around with it some time back. It was alright not offering file upload in free version, but just 5 pages to me was a tad too less.

  2. Good point. RTM does offer a lot for no cost. However, five bucks a month for 100 active reminders, unlimited Writeboards, 25 pages and 80 megs of storage is pretty cheap. Especially when it’s as easy to use as it is.


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