That Sinking Feeling

kinnon —  October 26, 2005 — Leave a comment

AlumisunkAhh the joys of having a summer place on an Island – and thinking you can use it in a Canadian fall. We kept our small aluminum boat at the marina across from the island. Late, yesterday we got a message that the 16 footer had broken it’s mooring lines in a heavy wind storm, moved into the slip beside it, was holding on by one line and was sinking. Liam and I got up there early today to survey the damage – and attempt to float the boat.

Alumisunk1-4A hundred feet of AC cable, 50 feet of 2 inch hose and a submersible pump helped Li and I refloat the battered little boat. The waves were still crashing over the side of the craft, but we managed to empty the boat and move it to a more sheltered part of the marina. Actually, I should say that Liam rowed the boat in the rough seas to the slip. He was an amazing young man today – making this old(er) man proud.

We removed the motor and took it to Bonnie Boats (where our larger boat is in storage for the winter) and will know in a couple of weeks whether it’s fixable. A little late October adventure.

(Click on the pics for larger images.)

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