The Joys & Pain of Switching – PC to Mac

kinnon —  October 1, 2005 — 1 Comment

Xp-2-MacWorking Smart pointed at this great series of posts on switching from PC to OS X. From Greg Hoffman’s conclusion:

Unless specifically compelled otherwise for legitimate and extenuating reasons, all new computer users should buy a Mac. It makes all of our lives easier. (Read: less customer support from geeks to users.)

This isn’t someone who’s drunk the koolaid (which according to Seth was not the Jonestown brand after all – well perhaps it’s the Jonestown, NY brand but as usual, I digress). He’s made the switch and then asked some tough questions about it.

PC Mag columnist and bon vivant, John C. Dvorak commented on last week’s TWiT cast that he sees Mac becoming a dominant player in the computer market – achieving a 20% or greater share in the next few years – largely because of the Apple switch to Intel processors. However, I wouldn’t want to suggest you need to wait. G5 desktops and G4 laptops are great tools that just don’t have the security, malware and code issues of XP.

You might want to read the post and comments at Church of the Customer – I’m Not Getting a Dell.

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One response to The Joys & Pain of Switching – PC to Mac

  1. Totally agree with the possibility of Apple switching to Intel being a driver for the market of OS X. However I just have this nag at the back of my mind that as its market share goes up then so will the amount of malware, viruses etc.
    I hope not because I too made the switch, but I just dont believe that its only ‘because its Microsoft’ that makes people write viruses.


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