The World As Best As I Can Remember It, Rev. 013

kinnon —  October 6, 2005 — 6 Comments

I sat with a good friend of mine last night, enjoying a rather nice pint of Guinness as we discussed my book(let) and talked of the present state of technology and the web. My friend told me of how his son (not yet a teen) has just built his own computer and is running Linux. I’ve pointed him to image editor/manipulator GIMPshop and a Open Source word processor called AbiWord. (It’s free.) Established, traditional software companies are in trouble. We live in exciting times.

Grant McCracken posts today on what he sees as the decline and eventual fall of Microsoft:

My Microsoft migration continues. As readers of this blog know, I dumped Outlook for an online calendar, Explorer for Mozilla, Outlook for gmail and now it looks as if I just dumped Word for a Web 2.0 appliance called Writely. That leaves just Powerpoint and Exel, and I’m done. (Yes, I know there are alternatives here too.)

The key thing: how risk averse and technologically unsophisticated I am as a consumer. If someone like me is preparing to walk away from my Microsoft suite…well, it may be time to share your shares. I did.

You can read my post about Open Source apps here. I’ve been a Word user since Version 2.0 running on a PCXT. In chatting with my friend last night, who will move from a Dell laptop to a Mac in the not to distant future, one of his issues was Word Processing and Excel. OpenOffice, AbiWord and other products will fuel the ease of migration. As Grant advises, you might want to sell your Microsoft shares.

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6 responses to The World As Best As I Can Remember It, Rev. 013

  1. Thanks for pointing to my site! I’m glad to see others spreading the word on GIMPShop and other open source apps. I like and AbiWord, too.

    Thanks again!

  2. Chad,
    My pleasure. Open Source is changing the world in ways we couldn’t have and wouldn’t have imagined 10 years ago.

  3. I’m on a combination of Macs and PCs. My wife’s laptop runs StarOffice, which I bought 5 years ago for $40. Probably better open source options now. I run NeoOffice on my Macs. I tried OpenOffice, but the X11 “platform” just killed me. NeoOffice (which is basically a shell for OpenOffice) runs much better and has a better interface.

    You probably know all this though as it seems your much more versed in open source than I.

    Agreed. Exciting times.

  4. Interesting post… You missed some rising Microsoft stars (perhaps purposefully?), including Microsoft OneNote. I understand there are alternates but nothing is as useful in the tablet world. Oh yeah tablets… I wouldn’t drop those Microsoft shares as Microsoft is leading the way in research and development and is the pen-enabled computer OS market leader. Once you have a tablet you see all of the Microsoft greatness. I’m complimenting Microsoft on the amazing software that it provides. Nothing beats writing (literally) blogs on the couch.
    You can find me here:
    Inklings and Impressions

  5. Sean,
    OneNote does seem to be an appropriate software title for Microsoft. Tablets, as cool as they are, have had much less impact than Microsoft anticipated. Even positive estimates suggest that the tablet market will only grow to a maximum size of 5% of the market.

    That being said, should MS shrink to a third of its present size, it would still have a Market Cap equivalent to the combined MC of Ford and GM. (But that much shrinkage would make this a good time to sell.)

    The days of MS domination of the computer industry are rapidly coming to a close. Open Source software will dilute their Office Market and Linux has already decimated their server market. Apple’s move to Intel and the superior computing experience of OS X versus XP and probably Vista will take a further bite out of the MS market share. (Even PCMag’s John C. Dvorak has said that he sees Apple growing to a 20% share of the PC market .)

    PCWorld’s Best 100 products of 2005 had Firefox, GMail and OS X as the top three. MS Media Player was the first MS product at number 47 – and it was the only MS product on the list. There wasn’t a single tablet on their list.

    You have a great looking blog.

  6. Dustin,
    I think we’re all exploring (well, maybe not Sean ‘cuz he’s on the couch with his Tablet ;-} ) Open Source – and finding new and exciting things. Paul Graham (link to ) comments that Open Source has an advantage in that anyone can find and fix the bugs – making it, in fact, more reliable than corporate “built” software.
    This really is a great time to be alive.


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