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kinnon —  October 12, 2005 — 1 Comment

I‘m slowly working my way through David Allen’s very good book, Getting Things Done – How to Achieve Stress-Free Productivity. One of the first things he talks about is getting things off our minds.

I’ve used to-do lists on computers, Palms, etc – but never with great success. I forget to look at them or simply ignore them. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve begun to use 37Signals Backpack to alleviate my stress and help me stay on top of my stuff. I love the email reminders – they have a set’em and forget’em quality – knowing I’ll get an email at the assigned time to remind me (and I always read my email.)

RememberthemilkOm Malik pointed to a new free To Do List Management service that launched today – Remember the Milk. The reminders alone are killer – via SMS, Instant Messaging and/or email. It’s simple, attractive interface makes to do list management very easy & features iCal and RSS integration. And of course, as a Web 2.0 service, it features good collaboration tools. I’ve signed up to use it.

Rememberthemilk2The tabbed interface (which I set up in seconds) shown here makes organizing my life that much easier. RTM provides you with an email address that allows you to send items to it via any email client. I’m not quite ready to pack Backpack in, but I’ll be playing with RTM this week. I’ve already recommended it to my wife and three teenagers.

Hopefully none of us will forget the milk again!

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  1. Thanks for the comments. I’ve seen a little bit about it in various posts. I haven’t looked at it that closely though. After your review of it I’ll have to do that.

    I’ve been using a little bit. Seems pretty handy. Although doesn’t appear to do all the things remember the milk does… Again, thanks for the review… Josh 🙂


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