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kinnon —  November 10, 2005 — 3 Comments

I’m sitting here blogging (when I should be working – so sue me) and blasting Bruce Hornsby from the iPod on the Bose SoundDock. The first song, Gonna Be Some Changes Made, features three of my favorite artists; Sting, Eric Clapton and Bruce. The song is great and probably would have been a hit on Boomer radio – if that actually existed.


I’ve become my father when it comes to radio. When I listen to it, I listen to Talk Radio or All News Radio – but that’s only when I’m in the car and even there I use my iPod for tunes or the occasional Twit podcast. I have to intentionally search for what my favorite artists are doing rather than the labels finding out how to communicate with me.

Boomers are still the largest demographic with the greatest amount of disposable income. We are a huge audience for music. The challenge is making us aware of the great still stuff coming from artists like The Eagles, Hornsby, Sting, Clapton, Peter Gabriel, Michael McDonald et al. If Apple was smarter, they’d have a Boomers section on the iTunes store. And they’d have someone producing a Boomer new music podcast that was supported by the labels.

We are a huge demographic waiting to be marketed to – what are you waiting for?

And as an aside, if you want a great Boomer album, check out Lunch at Allen’s featuring Marc Jordan, Murray McLauchlan and Ian Thomas – available from the iTunes store (in Canada at least). It’s a regular play on the iPod for Imbi and I.


UPDATE: Via TechCrunch – perhaps Pandora gets part way there. Create your own "radio station" based on your favorite artists – and hear material you’ve never heard before.

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3 responses to Boomer Music – Boomer Radio

  1. Somebody better do it before advertising kills all the good boomer music:
    link to

  2. Great link, Dustin. Madison Ave better quit messin’ with our tunes, or we’re going to go after them with our canes! Nyuk.

  3. It was my 70th birthday and I decided to record this song entitled Old Dogs and share this with my Boomer friends . So far the response is to cool . its scheduled for Growing Bolder PBS /TV /Radio

    Up coming PBS TV Special preview link
    link to

    Also my 1978 re-released album entitled Love Life on Vision Records is up on ITunes it was nominated for a grammy in 1978

    All the best with your creative adventures at Boomer Radio

    Mickey Carroll
    Grammy Nominee
    Gold Record Recipient
    link to


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