Did Someone Say “Chickens?”

kinnon —  November 22, 2005 — Leave a comment

Ed Brenegar points to a great new blogger – who makes his living in the chicken business, Brad Respess. Brad’s L.A.D.s – Learning After Doing has been added to my must read list. I’ll use one of the quotes that Ed points to:

Have you ever been in a meeting where one guy who is very smart and very experienced talked the entire time? Any time his subordinate asked a question, he cut off the answer in mid-sentence and answered himself? Didn’t it come across rude and arrogant and surprising that someone at his age hadn’t learned differently?

The consultant and I talked about that being one of my weaknesses – thinking that I have all the answers; being arrogant enough to cut people off and interject, cutting people off and others down. Is it an attempt to show off to a peer and show that you are somebody? Is it an ego stroking tool? Or is it arrogance that causes you to think that no one else is qualified, smart or wise?

Brad gets blogging – intelligent conversation, transparent honesty, well written with a definite point of view. Keep posting Brad and I’ll keep reading.

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