In Dallas for the Weekend

kinnon —  November 19, 2005 — 2 Comments

I’m visiting great friends in Dallas this weekend, before heading back to Toronto tomorrow evening.

I have lots of things I want to share with you from my time at the Wizards of Web – a powerful Wizard Academy program that taught, encouraged and changed some long held (wrong) ideas. Those posts should be up late tomorrow evening or early on Monday. (Visit the brothers Eisenberg for more information about what they do – and the impact they are having on their clients. And you can expect some design changes here at achievable ends based on what I’ve learned)

Have a great weekend.

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2 responses to In Dallas for the Weekend

  1. Bill,

    I know we haven’t met, but if you’re gonna go to church on Sunday, please check out my home church, Fellowship Church ( for directions). If you can make it please let me know and I’ll see if we can’t say hi to each other there.

    – Anthony

  2. Anthony,

    Thanks for the invite. I’m north of Plano and considered going to the FC Plano site. I head to the airport in the early afternoon, so I’m hanging with my friends this morning. I look forward to meeting you in the future.



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