John Frye Cuts Through McChurch

kinnon —  November 21, 2005 — 2 Comments

John Frye’s blog, Jesus the Radical Pastor, is one of the gems I’ve recently stumbled across in my hyperlink hopping. I read this post yesterday, while waiting for my flight home at DFW. (I should note that a lot of the Church oriented blogs that I’m reading and loving are coming from the Evangelical Covenant Church stream. I really hope I’m not turning Swedish, Brad!) This was part of my comment on John’s blog:

You’ve put into words my frustration with our present church reality – and given me a fresh sense of Yeshua, the one in whom we have life.

John places Jesus in context:

There is no McGospel. The only gospel available is wrapped in Jewish flesh, who speaks in Jewish language, lives according to Jewish customs in a very Jewish land. The gospel is more bagel-shaped than sesame seed bun-shaped. You won’t see a clown named Ronald; you’ll see a cross created by Rome. Jesus’ specific gospel does not guarantee to make us happy; it will ruthlessly work to make us holy.

We’ve wrapped so much of our culture into our understanding of the gospel that we can’t seem to tell where one ends and the other begins. We live and breath the same materialistic values, we celebrate the individual over the community and our focus is on what we can get out of Jesus – rather than what Jesus wants to get out of us. (Read that as “remove” from us.)

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