PowerPoint – Death by Bullets

kinnon —  November 23, 2005 — 1 Comment
  • Do you ever wonder why they call them bullet points?
  • Is it a not-so-subtle attempt to tell us the truth?
  • They’re trying to KILL us!

Sorry. I’m overreacting. I’m not aware of anyone who’s died from a PowerPoint presentation. Yet!

DickhardtEd Brenegar sent me a link to this – Dick Hardt’s Identity 2.0 Presentation from O’Reillys OpenSource event earlier this year. Clean, crisp, fast, fun. You bullet-crazed PowerPoint presenters should be forced to watch it – over and over again.

I DO recommend you watch it (why else would I provide the link) – even if you could give a rip about Identity 2.0. Enjoy a masterful presentation – which probably used Keynote – Apple’s PPT competitor.

Dick thanks Stanford professor and Creative Commons advocate, Lawrence Lessig for the style. When I googled Lessig, I was led back to my favourite presenting blog – Presentation Zen. Read this post. And you can watch a great Lessig presentation here.

You might just save a life.

(And if you want to hear a good interview with Lessig – download TWiT Episode 27.)

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  1. You might enjoy a little article I wrote for a technical journal (Defense AT&L), titled “Death By Bullets.” It’s a film noir-style story, and you can find it online at ww.dau.mil/pubs/dam/2007_09_10/ward_so07.pdf


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