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kinnon —  November 9, 2005 — Leave a comment

TiotiWhat began as humor is turning into what may be the cool way to “record” those shows you missed last night, last week, last month – on your computer! From Tape It Off The Internet‘s FAQ:

Is this a joke?
Good question. It started out as a gag, but when it came to writing up some “filler” inspiration struck and a genuinely good idea sprang forth. We still think the whole Web2.0 hubris is pretty funny.

So it’s real?
Yup, in private alpha right now (held together with string) and definitely not suitable for public anything. Development and design of a really really nice service is now in motion. We think you’ll like it.

Where is the name from?
A good friend of ours came out with it when meaning “downloaded off the internet” in relation to bittorrented TV content, and *PING* a whole load of concepts and ideas suddenly crystalised around this seemingly simple and innocent phrase.

Read my previous post on Frightened TV Execs, Apple & IPTV to see how this fits into the new TV viewing model.

[Hat tip: PSFK]

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