Toronto to Austin

kinnon —  November 14, 2005 — Leave a comment

I’ve spent the day in travel. Getting from Toronto to Austin. I left Toronto (Terminal Two – an awful terminal that is soon to close) at 10am EST. Got into Chicago at 11am Central Time. And then waited while my flight was delayed by two hours. And O’Hare doesn’t have easy access to WiFi which made the wait that much longer. I finally got into Austin at 6pm – after being crammed into a United Express flight. (I don’t care that the RJs are Canadian made – they are small and uncomfortable – okay for a maximum 90 minutes but not for anything over two hours.) And to add to the joy of travel, the AVIS vehicle that I’d booked weeks ago wasn’t available – I’m in a Chrysler Town & Country van instead. (Any kids need a ride to soccer.) Oh well, at least the hotel has WiFi.

I’ll be back to blogging tomorrow.

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