Why Austin?

kinnon —  November 15, 2005 — 3 Comments

I’m in Austin for a course at Wizard Academy. When I told that to the young women at hotel check-in, they had rather confused looks on their faces. I explained who the Wizard of Ads is and that I was taking the Wizards of Web course. “Oh,” they responded, “this is Austin. We really thought you might be in training to be a Wizard.” Not this time.

This will be my forth Wizard Academy course. The previous three have had profound impact on me and I’m looking forward to the course that begins tomorrow. I’m not planning on becoming a Web designer any time soon. This course will help me help my clients in my role as a communications consultant. You can check out the course details here. I’ll update you on how the course goes.

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3 responses to Why Austin?

  1. Be honest Bill, you came to SW USA for our warm weather.

    Have a great time. That’s a short SW Airlines flight for me, so I should make that trip to the Wizard Academy myself sometime soon.

  2. Gee Dustin, It was 70 when I left Toronto and its 50 here in Austin. WHAT warm weather???? You do need to do Wizard Academy. You’d love it.

  3. Ha. Yeah, I didn’t think before typing that out. It is a bit chilly here in Tulsa as well. First freeze was last night. Ironic.

    The next 6 months or so are crazy for me. But maybe I can head down there in the summer (THAT’s when the warm weather hits).



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