A Better Ad, At Last

kinnon —  December 15, 2005 — Leave a comment

Change-2The Conservatives have released a new commercial that is a marked improvement on the previous series. "Change" could be considered a nice negative ad, if that’s possible – even tone, good music, relaxed – almost a sense of world weariness.

Forgive me this quibble, however – the shots on the screens could look a little less "pasted on". There are some very good post houses in this country who would do a better compositing job for you.

UPDATE: The Zerbstress pointed at this story which I missed in the Star (because I don’t read it, I guess) – from Tuesday:

The Conservatives have refused to say what firm produced the ads. But they insisted the spots have resonated with Canadians.

"These ads are anything but a major flop, no matter what the academy and literati say," said Tory communications director William Stairs. "They have far higher recognition factor (with the public) than the Grits’ ads."

Unfortunately the recognition factor was negative, Mr. Stairs. But, at least you still have your job.

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