A Don Quixote Moment

kinnon —  December 6, 2005 — 1 Comment

CervantesFirst let me confess, I’ve never read Cervantes’ Don Quixote or seen the movie-musical, The Man of LaMancha. However, the link I posted yesterday to Honda UK’s The Power of Dreams with its hilarious yet somehow moving “music video” set to the movie theme song – triggered this post from Ed Brenegar: The Power of Dreams and the Journey of Longing. Ed dream weaves three stories into an understanding of leadership:

The films are the recent trilogy, the Lord of the Rings, the musical, Man of La Mancha and, the classic The Wizard of Oz. In each, the central characters are driven by their longing for some place or some purpose beyond themselves. It is powerful and compelling. And each are worthy to be revisited in reflection upon this theme

Don Quixote is a story that speaks to Roy Williams, as well:

I have endured much questioning about The Quixote Collection at Tuscan Hall. People say, “Wasn’t Don Quixote a delusional madman and a laughingstock? Why would you be taken with such a one?”

Here is my answer. As long as Don Quixote’s heart was filled with Dulcinea he overcame impossible odds. It was only after his friends convinced him Dulcinea did not exist that his heart shriveled within him.

Each of us needs Dulcinea, a sense of mission and purpose. For without it, there can be no adventure.

These two writings are connected in no other way than my having read both of them. Perhaps you might enjoy connecting them, too. (And they seem to fit with the theme from Roy Williams’ Memo from this week )
Ed’s post.
Roy’s Quixote Memo.

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  1. My friend Tom Morris set me off on Don Quixote this summer. He read it and commented that it really is a great story. I had not read it. I must confess that while in college I had Picasso’s Don Quixote print on my dorm room wall. I’ve begun to read the book. I think he is quite rational as a moral man in an immoral world. What I believe the cynics hate about him is that here is a man who by genuine Christian faith seeks to be a moral force within his world, and refuses to look at people apart from their inherent goodness as a child of God. So, his Dulcinea is not what he longs for, but he longs for a world where the Aldonsa’s do not lose their inner Dulcinea. It is as powerful story as you can find anywhere. Rent the movie.
    One note: in my posting, the link to the music CD of both Man of La Mancha and Wizard of Oz are soundtracks with dialogue included. It makes me think that we should all have a soundtrack to accompany our conversations during the day. How cool would that be!


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