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kinnon —  December 19, 2005 — 2 Comments

Yonah in the belly of the Apple – Think Secret, Apple’s least favorite rumor blog is more strongly predicting the launch of Intel powered Macs in January.

The Bunny takes a swipe at the Apple – The Scoble Bunny comments on the Apple Exec who questions people lining up for XBoxes.

Kevin takes a swipe at the Seasona couple of Worthwhile rants on the “joys” of the season from Kevin Salwen.

A Number One Crash – Roger Ebert’s top ten movies of 2005. He and I agree on number 1. But really Roger, Rhinestone Cowboy Brokeback Mountain @ Number 5? How PC of you.

Get Off the Phone – We’re Watching Rhinestone Cowboy – Cinemas petition the FCC to be able to block cell phone signals.

So what’s with Google, Wikipedia and that whole Blog Thing – Wired to a Long Tail’s Chris Anderson talks the Web’s stars with nary a 2.0 in sight.

The Meaningless Meaning of Web 2.0 – Paul Graham on the importance of Tim O’Reilly’s suit and what it means to Web 2.0.

Hopefully that should keep you busy for a few minutes. I’ll be back just now. (You South Africans will get that.)

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2 responses to A Few Links for Your Reading Pleasure

  1. I’d like to petition the FCC for Libraries to block cell phone signals!!!

  2. You students! Constantly shussing us. GRIN

    We can’t wait for Imbi to get her last paper done (Wycliffe M.TS) so we can all get noisy around the house. (3 teenagers and this 50 yr old kid have a hard time being quiet.)


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