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kinnon —  December 5, 2005 — 5 Comments

I subscribe to a number of daily email newsletters. Some days I actually read them. I probably could have avoided this one.

Gavin O’Malley of Rich Media Insider breathlessly* begins his Video… Is Served article with this: “BE THEY PUBLISHERS, ADVERTISERS OR consumers, everyone’s mad for video.

“Oh darling, I’m just mad for video. Aren’t you?”

Our friend Gavin goes on to extol the virtues of “digital video” for advertisers wanting to get their messages in front of willing “netizens.”

Now it’s time for the thinking caps. Identify a video asset that can translate to the interactive environment, or conceptualize a creative element to accompany/improve the video.

Bear in mind, interactive video is not a mere dumping ground for repurposed TV spots. The medium is maximized when concepts are developed that leverage video, which is shot specifically for a Web environment and contains interactive elements within the video.

Good grief, Charlie Brown, “thinking caps”, “conceptualize a creative element”, “medium is maximized”. This sounds like the marketing speak boilerplate generator has a virus. Perhaps Gavin should take an ESL course. He adds:

Interlacing flash, 3-D and high-resolution images with the video (once production is complete) gives consumers a heightened engagement experience. Some other features that are beneficial or can drive viral buzz are “click to full screen,” “e-mail video,” and “data capture” integrated directly into the video experience.

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting with baited breath for “a heightened engagement experience” especially if I can “click to full screen.” It sounds like web video Nirvana. And golly, “interlacing flash, 3-D and high-resolution images with the video” – why that would be truly splendiferous.

Gavin, we the willing “netizens” await this great fount of creativity that will flow from the “experienced” agency people. Really!

*I can’t guarantee that Gav was actually breathless. His article does suggest a lack of oxygen, however.

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5 responses to Gavin – Interlacing a Heightened Engagement Experience

  1. Touché! (to be totally clear, like the tone of my column, this reply’s not meant be taken ‘too’ seriously) 🙂

  2. Gee, Gav – thanks for dropping by. What a heightened engagement experience for me.

  3. I get your point, Bill, and I appreciate the constructive criticism. There’s no excuse for platitudes, they should be avoided, I made a mistake, and I’ll make an effort to avoid making the same mistake in the future. Best, Gavin

  4. Gavin,
    Thanks for responding. I’m impressed. (No sarcasm at all.) One of the problems with reading is that we can’t “hear” the writer. We choose the voice as we read. Marketing platitudes suggest a particular voice – which I doubt is truly yours – based on your last comment. I’ll keep reading your stuff.

  5. Cheers


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