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Irene Done @ Notbillable:

A blog with no unique selling point, from an advertising person who should know better.

The Onion on the other three guys in U2

“Yeah, that Africa stuff is Bono’s thing,” The Edge said. “I don’t mind if he pursues other interests, but I really try to focus on the guitar riffs that give U2 its characteristic sound.” [Note for humor-challenged – this is satire. Thanks Jon for the link.]

Susan Arnold, with just about anything she writes. Whether tiny perfect houses or her post on satellite churches (the link in her post is typical of her brilliance):

Read this article as a metaphor for the dynamics of planting a “Satellite Church” The way these churches go about finding their next location, the dynamics involved, the kind of un-church church that is “planted”…

Scott Feschuk, and his blackberry blog – even if he works for a party with the ethics of the Death Star.

Jordon Cooper, kind of a TallSkinnyKiwi meets the Scoble Bunny with a Dash of Darryl thrown in – from Saskatchewan, no less.

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