Making the Web More Fun with Hyperwords™

kinnon —  December 26, 2005 — 4 Comments

What if you could search every word on a web page…easily? You can.

HyperwordsHyperwords™ went live today is almost live after running an extended beta. I’ve only been playing with it briefly and I’m loving it. Hyperwords™ is a plug-in for Firefox (and another great reason to use the best browser available). Check out the graphic below. Hyperwords™ let’s you search every word – everywhere. Visit this link for more information.


As usual, TechCrunch turned me on to it. Thanks, Michael.

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4 responses to Making the Web More Fun with Hyperwords™

  1. You are welcome, Bill. Thanks for the link. Excellent blog. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your kind comments. We are not exactly live yet, just a bigger invitation-only Beta. But it shouldn’t be too much longer!

  3. Hi and again, thanks for writing about Hyperwords.

    Hyperwords for Firefox have been radically updated. Please visit to sign up for the next Beta release, due in a week or so 🙂

  4. it’s been a while since last comment: Hyperwords 1.5 is out!

    This is a substantial upgrade, featuring numerous small fixes and additions and a Toolbar.

    Now this is very cool: Try Hyperwords with the Toolbar only. Go to Preferences (at the bottom of the menu) and click on the ‘Apperance’ tab. Then choose the ‘Toolbar’ mode.

    You can now select text on a page, hit ‘return’ and it will hoist the selected text up to the Toolbar. You may now choose a command with your mouse or use the keyboard shortcuts to rapidly issue commands.

    Take a look at the the new User Guide (also at the bottom of the menu) to learn what else is new and a few tips and tricks if you want to.

    Install Hyperwords for Firefox at


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