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N.T. Wright, occasional patron saint of the Emerging Church movement is noticed by the WSJ;

Some argue that God lacks a sense of humor, but for those with eyes to see, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. Consider: The most influential biblical scholar in American evangelical circles today is a bishop in the Church of England who regularly inveighs against U.S. “imperialism.

The good Bishop of Durham has a few of our hyper reformed brethren getting their “knickers in a knot”;

This scholar contends that the leaders of the Protestant Reformation–Martin Luther especially–misread St. Paul on the subject of justification by faith. A self-described Reformed theologian, he proposes nothing less than a reformation of the Reformation, 500 years on–and he does so by appealing to the Reformers’ own motto, sola scriptura, “going back to scripture over against all human tradition.”

When a scholar claims that his tradition has gotten one of its fundamental teachings wrong, some alarm-ringing is to be expected. The American pastor and writer John Piper, for instance, is one of a number of prominent evangelicals to send out warnings about Dr. Wright. Another is J. Ligon Duncan III of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, who has singled out Dr. Wright’s influence as particularly dangerous precisely because, among proponents of the so-called new perspective on Paul, Dr. Wright “is the writer who has the clearest evangelical pedigree” and “the largest evangelical audience.”

I’m probably more of a fan of Tom Wright than the noted theologian N.T. But that would be because Tom writes to those of us in the pews and the trenches – rather than those wrestling with the soteriological, ecclesiastical, exegetical, missional and liminal constructs of Christendom in a world defined by Derrida. (I have no idea what I just said.) Oddly enough, Tom and N.T. are the same person. You can get a taste of his writings here.

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