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kinnon —  December 8, 2005 — Leave a comment

The CBC election blog identifies me as a Conservative. Hmmm. Not sure if that’s accurate but let’s go with it for the moment. (I’m probably a fiscal conservative with a strong bent towards social justice – but enough about me.)

First, let’s talk about blogs. The Libs get the blogosphere. Feschuk is funny – he was funny in the National Post and still he is. How he ended up working for Martin is beyond me, but he does. Put a face on your blog writer – or just let Monte and Chuck write it. Understand the significance of the blogosphere. (Have someone on your staff buy Hugh Hewitt’s Blog if your people really don’t understand.) And then have your media people read The Cluetrain Manifesto. They can read it online – if they have access, of course.

Stephen, you come across as stiff. Just go with it. Let us know who you are – be real – acknowledge that you’re not a practiced and polished “pol“. You’re a policy wonk who loves this country. Good grief, if we could put up with Jean Chretien for as many years as we did, surely Canadians can accept you. The difference is Le petit Gars de Shawinigan played to his weaknesses as well as his strengths.

We live in an PostModern world – go with it. Be authentic and realize that we are never going to believe that you and the Party have the absolute truth – and you’ll be rejected if you attempt to make us believe this. Acknowledge that Martin did a reasonably good job as Finance Minister, he’s not the devil incarnate and that you are not going to dramatically change the good things the Libs accomplished with him as Finance Minister.

The simple message is that power corrupts. (Martin wants to purchase our votes by offering us our money back in his rather odd programs – help Canadians understand this. Martin’s no longer operating as a good Finance Minister – he’s just a pol who wants to be re-elected – desperately.)The Libs have been in power too long. Whether Martin was part of the corruption or not, his party needs to regroup and remake itself. Canadians need to give them that opportunity. Let’s get them out of power for a few years so they can heal themselves. It’s best for them, and the country. (I don’t buy Alan Fotheringham‘s line that they are the Natural Governing Party but let’s just say they need a break.)

Your story really is “substance over style”. This is a great country that needs a fresh government. Martin was good with our money when he was Finance Minister – hey, the man is worth a quarter of a billion dollars, he must be good with money. He’s just not good as PM. Let’s replace him, shall we.

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