Stephen Harper – Fire Your Ad Agency, NOW!

kinnon —  December 6, 2005 — 3 Comments

StephenharperI like Stephen Harper. I really do. I’m a former active Liberal Party member. (I worked as a key person on Joe Volpe‘s first campaign – and was Stuart Smith‘s chauffeur in the 1977 Ontario election – in my last year at Ryerson.) I wouldn’t vote for this present iteration of the Libs if you paid me well. (I guess I wouldn’t make it as a Liberal in Quebec.) But Stephen, the ads, brother, the ads.

Fire the agency, your media advisor, who ever’s responsible. Fire them all. You look like an idiot in the ads – and I know you’re not. The fake interview – gee that’s never been done before, at least not this badly. And the video push back to the monitor – I bought my first Digital Effects Device, an ADO, almost 19 years ago – that push was a briefly popular effect back then. (I can hear the director now, "Mr. Harper, we need you to look at the monitor as if something’s on it." It’s not working, Stephen!)

LibsadAnd then I saw the Libs ad – people across the country speaking about what the Libs have done. Right now, there’s no contest, Stephen. In spite of their "disorganized crime" record, they pitch a good yarn. And they don’t need to make you look like an idiot. Your agency, media advisor et al are doing it for you. Please, for the love of this country, get somebody who has an idea of what they’re doing.

Feel free to email me. I’m busy but I’ll squeeze you in.

UPDATE(s): If you’re visiting from the CBC then please read my 2nd post for Stephen as well as my latest. And thanks for stopping by.

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3 responses to Stephen Harper – Fire Your Ad Agency, NOW!

  1. OK, I just saw this commercial on TV with Harper being interviewed.

    Give me a break…how forced. Can we just get real? Why the fake stage? Fake a news interview…come on! These guys are in the media all the time, use real clips!!!
    Who is running this drivel?
    It is obvious that our nation wants change…from a corrupt government but to what?
    Mr. Dressup?
    Anyway, I would vote MacKay regardless of who he dates.

    Sorry for the Friday rant.

  2. Love the rant. Haven’t heard from the Harper folk, yet – but am getting lots of traffic from the CBC site.
    Now, if only they’d change the ads.

  3. You are right on the money with this one.
    They look like they were shot with a logitech webcam and slapped together with Windows Movie Maker. Of all them I would say that NDP’s ad campaign looked the most professional and smart.

    There is that one Conservative ad with all the echoed voices saying the same thing over again, echoing and peaking out the sound levels on my television, the people in the ad look really annoyed by it.

    I would be annoyed too if all I could hear was voices echoing everywhere I went.

    All in all there campaign was amateur


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