The Future of Broadcasting?

kinnon —  December 27, 2005 — Leave a comment

The first Video iPod entered the Kinnon household today. Rylan (a long time Sony MiniDisc user) used his Christmas funds to become the proud owner of a new 30 Gb iPod. And immediately began watching video on it.

Video-IpodTerry Heaton, one of the smartest voices on broadcasting & the web, has written an important essay – 2006: The Unbundled Awakening.

Online video will be where much of the action is in 2006. ABC and Apple began the explosion this year by offering unbundled programs via download to Video iPods, and the results have been significant. So much so that the other networks, studios and even outside players have jumped on the bandwagon. Rocketboom, the quirky slice of life offered daily by Andrew Michael Baron and the increasingly glamorous Amanda Congden struck a deal with TiVo that makes their vlog available to TiVo users — just like any other television program. This is the final insult to the broadcasting industry — that two young people from New York with a great idea and little resources can compete with their expensive programming. It’s only the beginning.

In the last year, I’ve written numerous posts on the democratization of video production, and the impact it is having on the broadcast industry. Distribution has been in the hands of the powerful – the gatekeepers of creativity, as it were. They still man the gates, but the walls are no longer standing.

UPDATE: Check out Gavin O’Malley’s Online Daily article about the free content being offered by NBC through iTunes – including the very funny SNL skit/rap video The Chronic’What’cles of Narnia. (iTunes NBC videos not available in Canada.) UPDATE 1a: Read Terry Heaton’s comments on the SNL video.

UPDATE 2: CBS streams free content with Yahoo! this week. My take would be that video downloads will have it over streaming. It will be interesting to see the response to the Yahoo!/CBS delivery of content.

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