TypePad Crash – Rolling Back achievable ends

kinnon —  December 16, 2005 — Leave a comment

While I was sleeping (always a great opening line), ‘twould seem that TypePad’s servers had a bad night. I woke up this morning to my blog being a week behind where it was mere hours before – all my posts since December 9, and the blog design updates were gone. As you won’t be able to read this until the system is back up, I’m not sure what the extent of the damage will be. Fortunately, I create all my posts in ecto, so I can repost them, if necessary.

TypePad has had some rather serious issues, this fall – and has responded appropriately. However, those of us who consider ourselves serious bloggers have to question the stability of the service and whether a move to another blog host is warranted. (Perhaps I just need to bite the bullet and host my blog on MediaTemple’s servers where mkpl.tv lives.)

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